Become the beachcomber

I was walking along the seashore in Norfolk recently, watching a group of people trudging up the beach picking up the valuable pieces of driftwood and objects that had been washed up during the night. They were busy in their work and were extremely discerning. Rejecting out of hand clumps of greasy seaweed but carefully inspecting anything that looked interesting. But even then only a very few items would actually make it into the string bags hooked to their belts.

Since then I have resolved to become the beachcomber, picking up the items of value washed up by the tides of agile methodologies. Waiting for the tide of popularity to recede a little before inspecting what it has left behind in the way of useful detritus.

It is easy to be beguiled into thinking that the latest agile tide will be the last, but it won’t be long before that tide recedes and another follows. By keeping to the tide line, we can observe the cycles of popularity and pick only that which is of value. Leaving the rank piles of seaweed to slowly rot away.



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